A trite, yet endearing account of the misadventures a twenty-something girl and her struggle with what she wants to do with her life, after enduring four wonderful years away at Queen’s University.

During these university years the girl was happily sheltered from the real world, living in a surreal university haze and surrounding herself with amazing friends. She wakes up one day only to realize that unfortunately the rumors were true; somehow a degree does not guarantee you a job in your chosen field, let alone a job whatsoever. With this in mind she sets out to figure it all out.

Now I hate to be that person who gives away the plot, but it doesn’t necessarily go smoothly.  Picture a baby deer on ice, Bambi if you will; flailing, uncoordinated, and just when you think they have it under control they wipe out hard.   Yep, sounds about right, hilarious to watch, albeit a little pathetic.

For the sake of saving time let’s do a highlight reel to recap to show some of the variety of the past year:

  • Tree planting
  • Snow storm in June
  • Collapsed and flooded tents
  • Burning a beer box “virgin sacrifice” for the weather gods using jet fuel  at Boss’s orders
  • Allergic reactions and hospitals
  • Falling trees
  • Helicopter rides to work
  • Bears and cougars
  • Breaking horses, brandings, bull pens and castrations on the ranch
  • Attempting to walk 65km with 50 pound hockey bag
  • RCMP officers and lost baggage
  • Working as a nanny
  • Kelowna in the summer
  • Weddings, relatives and lake vacations
  • Table dancing with grandma
  • Move out of university apartment (most difficult)
  • Calgary in the fall
  • White water rafting/ swimming the rapids
  • Road trip across Canada
  • Break dancing dance-off
  • Getting lost/ stuck in a wildlife reserve
  • Toronto/ Kingston to see amazing friends
  • Sharks
  • Skiing adventures
  • Ottawa, family, old friends

In this overview there is a palpable disregard for details such as what happened and why some of those events would ever even occur, but not every detail of the past months can or will be shared.  However, the point can still be made: a lot of things happened, a lot of different roles were “tried on”, a lot of physical distance was covered, and the words “why not?” were probably used a little too loosely.

Back to our protagonist; she is now almost a year older but still feels no closer to figuring out what she wants to do with her life and is perhaps a little worse for wear. Not all these adventures worked out well, but they all provided a lesson or a funny story at the very least.

This blog will serve to keep a record of what happens when a young woman decides to figure out what she wants out of life by trail and error.

Spoiler: Expect error to be a dominant character.

Stay tuned for updates.


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